Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 International Day of Asperger Syndrome

Just cannot believe we are now in February 2015, wow.

Today we celebrate the International Day of Asperger Syndrome which comes under the fold of Autism Spectrum.

Please find below a link to the work being carried out at The Davis International Centre, Ronald D. Davis is author of The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning.  

The Davis Autism Approach (How does it work?)

My next post will refer to some lovely ramps and alterations being made by the Marbella Town Hall, making life easier to get around town for all.

Until later I leave you with a Sioux Indian Prayer.

"Great Spirit, Help me never
to judge another until I have
walked in his moccasins."


Thursday, January 15, 2015


PARTICIPANTES : Asistencia libre
RECURSOS :  Ropa de deporte.  Calzado adecuado.

El próximo día 17 de Enero en el BOULEVARD SAN PEDRO ALCÁNTARA en horario de 11:00 a 14:00 h, se va a celebrar el Evento Deportivo " España se Mueve" organizado por el Centro Deportivo Supera y el Consejo Superior de Deportes.

El objetivo de estas sesiones es promover la actividad física entre la población, luchar contra la obesidad y el sedentarismo y dar a conocer sus beneficios para la salud y la calidad de vida. Todas las actividades son gratuitas y para todos los públicos.

La finalidad es disfrutar de un día deportivo, a través de clases lúdicas y divertidas. Lo importante es realizar actividad física y concienciarse de la importancia de mantener hábitos saludables.

  Si te gusta el deporte y quieres pasar un rato agradable con amigos y familia

  no dudes en asistir a este evento.

PARTICIPANTS : Free attendance
RESOURCES : Sportswear. Proper footwear.

This Saturday, January 17, at the New BOULEVARD SAN PEDRO ALCÁNTARA, from 11:00 to 14:00hrs., the Sports Event "Spain Moves" will be held, organized by the Exceeds Sports Center and Sports Council.
The aim of these sessions is to promote physical activity among the population, fight obesity and a sedentary lifestyle and publicize its benefits for health and quality of life.
All activities are free and for all ages.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wheelchair friendly Shooting Range opens in Málaga

La Galeria, Shooting Range 
opens in Málaga, Andalucia

25m indoor shooting range for hand guns of all calibres along with small 
calibre rifles.

Video linked target display so shooters can see immediately how they are shooting.

The whole facility is wheelchair friendly, including the 10 individual 
shooting posts.

Refreshment bar area.

They take care of all the legal requirements for you and help with 
ownership licences.

La Galeria Club deportivo de Tiro
Calle Veracruz 34, Poligono San Luis,
Málaga 29006
Telephone: 636 349 991

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nogalera Train Station Torremolinos, Plans for a LIFT

Image Source:

Original article written by Alberto Gómez .......

TORREMOLINOS  Train Station Nogalera, has issues of accessibility.  This problem will start being solved at the beginning of 2015.

Included in the plans is the construction of a lift in the station to facilitate access to the underground platforms for Disabled, people with reduced mobility and also people carrying luggage.

Currently the station counts with an ascending escalator, causing numerous difficulties for service users.   The completion date is unknown.  Watch this space.